Posted on Oct 12, 2017 in blog

If you’re looking for a way to bring branding for your company up to a brand-new level, think of hiring an ice cream truck rental  Toronto company for your next event. Your sales promotion will be bigger than ever once the truck arrives with your company design on it.
This is advertising to the max with your company design and logo wrapped around the truck. It’s definitely a stand out way to get noticed on the street. The truck can be stocked with a variety of ice cream treats and distributed to the people in attendance at your event.
We can also have your treats distributed to a selected target market that you have chosen and you’re not limited to ice cream. At this time of the year you may want to offer hot cocoa, specified food items or even promotional gifts that you want to give away for free.
Ice Cream Truck Toronto
The trucks can be customized according to your specifications. We will wrap your image around the truck and we can provide professional servers and drivers for you. If you have special uniforms or company attire that you’d like them to wear, we can accommodate this request as well.
We provide wholesale pricing for the ice cream products and we will sit down with you ahead of time to determine the best schedule and customized route. With a wrapped, customized truck, you’ll be able to speak out to your targeted audience and deliver a special message that will be heard by all.
Giveaways and promotions are great for branding. It gives you the opportunity to establish a glowing reputation amongst the public. We’ll help you build a customized package that will give you extreme branding power. The impression that you will make on consumers will be a positive one and you’ll be able to distinguish yourself from your other competitors.
When it’s time to make a big statement, think of an ice cream truck rental for your next event. It’s a great way to connect with others and let them know that your business cares about them. For more information about renting an ice cream truck please contact us at 1-844-716-4975.