Ice cream truck rental Toronto


Why an ice cream truck?

Why go with a traditional dessert when you can hire a cool ice cream truck, it’s unique and always a hit with children, along with adults, it brings people back to their younger days of chasing down the ice cream truck!

It is always the life of the party, and draws tons of attention during events and amazing feedback from the intended crowd. It is an affordable but memorable way to serve dessert to your audience. Anyone can go get hard ice cream from the freezer but the treats from the ice cream truck are unique to it and that’s what keeps the excitement of the truck, plus the music attracts the crowds attention, always getting people excited and even dancing!

Why Ice Cream Kingdom, aren’t all ice cream trucks & companies the same?

As with any industry every company is different, this is where you want to be careful and source the company that will satisfy the needs you require. Many companies enter the events segment of the business not knowing what is expected from them, they often quote low, over promise and under deliver

Ice Cream Kingdom is the industry leader when it comes to any sort of event you can imagine, we are always the first to bring new and exciting products or services to market. Our trucks are all in superb condition for excellent presentation in and out. We deal with Ontario’s largest companies who expect a high level of service, along with a premium product and most of all to show up on time and to do exactly what was promised.

When you require the highest level of professionalism, presentation, service and reliability out there think Ice Cream Kingdom, we guarantee success!